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LED street lights upgrading project in Tacoma to save $ 5 million


LED street lights upgrading project in Tacoma to save $ 5 million
In Tacoma a project to convert 75 per cent street lights with new LED street lights which started last December has now completed a third. According to this project, approximately 16,000 traditional high pressure sodium lamps in the whole project will be replaced with higher energy-efficient LED street lights by the end of 2018.

A spokesperson in the whole replacement project reveals that the current traditional cobra-head and shoe-box style fixtures will be replaced with cobra-head LED street lights. These old-type street lights take over 75 per cent in the whole city’s infrastructure, while consume 83 percent energy.  
The LED street lighting conversion project was driven by the object of energy-savings. Also, new-type LED lights will have a 15 to 20 years’ life span. During estimating 15-year service life, it is estimated that it will save local government about $5 million dollars. These LED street lights can dim the light as required, which can reduce light pollution dramatically and cut quantity of blue light emitted. And, new lights provide nighttime visibility and peace-of-mind for the residents as light helps to deter suspicious behavior.  
Local government official reveals that in the next three to five years it exists large possibility to replace 95% city lights with LED street lights. Global trends show that more streetlights replacement project will be on the way.
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