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Common LED street light flaws in market


LED street light as an important lighting products, its quality is key to every project. However, current LED street light are flooded with different-price and different-quality products. And price war enhances this influence to cause manufacturer lower the cost in material and art. This delivers bad influence to quality of LED street light. The result is common that some lights dimmed for some time.
The way to replace LED street light is complicated as parts in lights are countless, and the reason for a broken-down light cannot be make clear in a second. And it is necessary to take LED light to factory. This will bring huge maintenance cost.

Following are common flaws in LED street light, which will increase cost.  
1.      Fake Configuration/Specification
LED street light goes popular with price down and fierce competition, which cause cutting corners and fake configuration.
2.      Fake LED chips
The core part for LED street light is LED chip, which determinate fixture performance. Due to use of low-quality chips to cheat customers, some manufacturers use low-price products to in a high price. It is another reason for fake LED chips.  
3.      Undesirable lighting design  
Optimal lighting effects rely on superb lighting distribution. Poor light distribution will cause non-uniform Illuminance and other significant problems.
4.      Poor heat dissipation
Every 10 ℃ up of junction temperature in LED chips, the life will be reduce accordingly. Poor heat dissipation will speed up the ageing of LED.
5.      Driver glitch
Driver glitch is another problem for LED driver glitch.
These problems deliver great influence to LED street light. More attention need to be paid to these problems if LED street light broken down.

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